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Here's the section with my favorite funny geek t-shirts! I'm so adjective, I verb nouns! Check out the different types of milk mustaches! Cakey! Ninja Kittens! Woot! Cheese loves macaroni! Can't we all just get along - rock, paper and scissors! Show your love for Reading Rainbow! Wear a tuxedo t-shirt to dress up (and it looks downright dapper, I might add!), be a kung fu master, tell the world that the book is always better, show a public display of affection for your PDA, proclaim that you've been made in the U.S.A. by robots or warn people that you shot a man in Reno just for the lulz! How can you resist? I know I can't!

skull shield shirt
Ninja Kittens shirt
Chubby Dragon T-shirt (dark) shirt
Pow shirt
I Am Error Tshirt Pizza Volume Mathematical Formula = Pi*z*z*a Tee Shirts
Argyle Geek shirt
duct tape - silence is golden duct tape is silver shirt
Danger! Robot in Use T-Shirt shirt
Brainstorm (Teal) shirt
Geek League of America Tee I'm so adjective - Funny T-shirts
Geek Talk Nerdy to Me Hipster Nerd Black T-Shirt Geek League of America Tee
Cute Macaroni and Cheese T-shirt Can't we all just get along? Rock Paper Scissors Shirt
Bacon Robot T-Shirt shirt
in case of 

emergency BREAK ... 80'S Break Dance shirt
Cute Cartoon Sea Cows T-

shirts shirt
Dragon Lighter shirt
Hipster Tiger With Glasses T Shirt This Is How I Sushi Roll Tee Shirt
Grammar Police Dark Tee I Shoot People Funny Photographer Photography T-shirt
Reading Rainbow. Go Anywhere. Be Anything T-shirt Heart Anatomy Geek Tee Shirt
w00t T-Shirt shirt
Read More shirt
PDA shirt
Tuxedo Blue Stripes shirt
The Book is Always Better Book Lover Nerd Shirt
Moustache you a question, Any more Pi Shirt